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Seine Entrance Wig  SOLD OUT!
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Blonde "fur" wig This wig fits either Sebastian or Silas.  It's a dark blond color and is soft fiber woven into a pliable knit cap.  $10.50  Limited quantity.
Strawberry Blonde Wig
This wig has a net mesh cap and is a blend of blond and light red colors. Slightly curly with bangs.
Black Wig With Bangs
Black wig with bangs, with slightly curly ends on soft mesh cap. 
Honey Blonde Wig
Long honey brown curly wig is on a soft mesh cap,
Honey Blonde Wig
This is a photo of the Honey brown wig with approx. 2 to 3 inches cut off and carefully combed out then finger arranged (for you creative and adventurous collectors out there!).
The above wigs are shown on a prototype Seine doll wearing Winter Evening outfit.
This is a very curly sandy blonde wig with a small cap shown on our Klub Afrikan Colin doll. This doll has close tied back rooted hair and the wig still works over it. The cap is pinned in place and the hair has been carefully finger arranged (we do not recommend using a comb or brush)  You can arrange as full a look as you would like. We have done a large do here for you to see the possibilities.
Sandy Blonde Wig
Sayer, Seine, Shelby, Sinclair & Simone Sebastian, Silas, Soren & Solomon
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