Simone in “Pink” 
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All photos by JDJ International, Inc.
As a new, meticulously done, sculpt, Simone is our latest 19 inch resin fashion doll. She comes wearing a fine, tightly knit pink sheath dress with V neck and pleated wrap detail. She has silver disc earrings, 3 bracelets, deep lavender suede shoes, and a plum colored brocade knit clutch bag. The outfits and accessories are all designed and hand made by our four time Emmy Award winner and “S” Series creator, Doug James. Simone has light blue eyes and soft creamy skin. Her face is hand painted and blended with multiple layers of subtle color giving it depth. Her finger nails and toe nails have a French manicure. Her wig, with several shades of blond blended together, is hand trimmed and styled. We don’t often admit to less than great photography as we are quite comfortable with you being pleasantly surprised, but in this case we will... the pictures don’t do her justice.   Simone is a limited edition of 12 pieces world wide and comes with her numbered card in the brand new “S” Series carrying case.    We are accepting orders with a shipping date beginning late March. Very limited quantities.
“Just got her. She’s more beautiful in person. Love her outfit. I LOVE her. An absolutely stunning doll.” EW Miller    “I am TOTALLY smitten!  As beautiful as she appears in photos, nothing can really do her justice except to see her in person!  Her facial sculpt and paint are absolutely gorgeous.  The attention to detail is as always impeccable, her dress and accessories are beautifully executed. The new carrying case is a fine piece of luggage, sturdy enough to never worry about transporting her anywhere!" Michael, New Jersey
photo by Claire Gould
photo by Claire Gould
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“S” Series Fashion Dolls by JDJ International, Inc.