Ordering Information 5 Ways to Order for Busy People In the USA  1. You can order online via our web site.   2. If you don’t order online, you can call Kathy at (586) 336-0758 (JDJ International, Inc.). She’s usually by the phone, but  if you miss her, leave a message and she’ll get right back to you. 3. Or, you can lock in your order by Email to reserve your doll. Include your name, address and phone number and Kathy  will call you for payment information. Since there are such a limited number of dolls this is a good way to make sure your  order is set aside for you immediately.  4. LAY-A-WAY. Yes! We have a lay-a-way plan! Better than that, it's a "customed to your needs" lay-a-way plan! We know we're constantly extolling the virtues of collecting limited edition dolls of very high quality for future value purposes. Along those lines we decided we should make our resin BJD's and all of our JDJ International items easier to get.   Our custom lay-a-way plan is all about you. Your payments can be as painless as you want to make them. How? First email us your payment plan. (You need a plan!) How much would you like to pay and when? Second, put money down – we prefer a $50 down payment – but we’ll work with you if it’s a smaller order. Your lay-a-way doesn’t start until you’ve completed both items one and two. If we don’t think your plan is workable we’ll let you know.    Need to skip a month or re-adjust your schedule later? Just let us know. We'll work with you. We would prefer your plan be completed within a year. (If you have extenuating circumstances you can let us know.) If we hear nothing from you we reserve the right to re-sell your item after that time. We feel this is more than reasonable. Lay-a-way items are not refundable. So the next time you're looking  through our web sites and thinking, "I'd love to have that but…", stop and shoot us a quick Email to participate, or just to check it out! Lay-a-way payments are non-refundable. Shipping is $6.50 under $100 orders and free for orders over $100.00. U.S. Only. International Orders  5. International (Outside continental U.S.) customers must Email with your order to obtain shipping costs. An additional note on shipping/ordering within US: We are a supplier, manufacturer, and a small retail business combined. Just so you know, we normally do not send out email confirmations or tracking numbers. However, if you need either, we'll be happy to provide them. And, within the continental U.S., we usually ship on Mondays (USPS Priority). Please allow two weeks for your order to arrive although most will arrive more quickly. 99.9% of the time everything works out great both domestically and internationally which is really saying something as we ship everywhere.
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JDJ International Message Alert Be the first to find out about new ball jointed strung resin fashion dolls, accessories, special sales, activities, etc. by adding your name and email address to our First Contact List. Email us your name and email address. Put "First Contact" in subject area. Get on our private list and hear about it first. Notice About Photos:  While we want to make sure our dolls appear in photos as they’ll look when they arrive on your doorstep, we also recognize that they are multi-dimensional so there are many ways to present them.  We enjoy presenting them in different perspectives as well and in photographic work done by others, both talented amateurs and professionals. The results can be creative and expansive. We thoroughly enjoy them and happily give credit where credit is due. Thank you for your order and your interest. We make every effort to make your experience the best.
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Our Refund Policy: If a doll you order isn't right for you, even if she's perfect, you can return her (still perfect) for a full refund. We know some of you have never seen our dolls "in person", so we want you to feel comfortable ordering a doll unseen. Our dolls exceed most people's expectations. Let us try to exceed yours.
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