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“When Seine arrived even the postal delivery guy was excited. Such a big heavy box! Unwrapping her was  the most exciting experience I have had since I started collecting dolls. She had the loveliest carrier a doll  has ever had. Seine is a fashion doll on a whole other level. Articulation is wonderful but the joints can be ugly – Seine’s  joints are lovely from all directions and she looks great in strapless gowns. Elegant fingers – that can easily  handle rings on any finger and gloves! Her face has a subtle beauty and realism. She has quickly become  my favorite doll.  Her resin gives her body lots of heft and her complexion is creamy and of a smooth touchable texture. Her  pose-ability is phenomenal - she can cross her legs and arms and assume any fashion pose you can  imagine. She is so worth the price – her box alone is worth the cost.  Her wardrobe is classically well-made, the kind you expect from a Doug James creation. Beware, this is NOT  a doll! She is a miniature work of art, and a demanding fashion diva. Fortunately she fits in with all of my 18  and 19 inch dolls – she shares clothes with my very large CED collection. I am over the moon about this  doll. I just hope Doug makes more, especially an ethnic one.”  S. Bibeau Minnesota
“You are absolutely right you did hear gorgeous, beautiful and exquisite. The attention to detail is very  apparent when you first open the box. The traveling case was truly a surprise, it is well made and shows a  lot of attention to detail. When I look at Seine I see great coloring on the face and lips.  Her eyes appear to  be looking directly at you. With a haughty look, Seine definitely knows who she is and that she is perfect.    The arrival of Seine was well worth the wait. Thank you, Lynn
I thank you so much for creating such a wonderful, realistic doll. She is simply marvelous. When I first opened the box, I was floored at how beautiful and detailed that she was. To see a picture is one thing, but to experience her in person is a whole other experience … With her facial features she’s so versatile. I love the detail you gave to the body. She is beyond any doll I have ever had. Now, I can’t even imagine collecting anything else but Seine because they all pale in comparison. Even amongst Ball-Jointed Dolls, she definitely takes the cake. Mainly, because she is clearly very lovely, and very lady-like, but a real woman at the same time. The movement on Seine is spectacular. She can even do that famous “supermodel hunch” that all the fashion models do… I love the French manicure and pedicure on the hands and feet. Of course, I love your clothing. Whenever you get a Doug James outfit on any doll, it is doll couture at its best… I have always been a fan of CED, but Seine in my mind is THE BEST doll out there … I just wanted to let you know how fabulous this doll is… She truly stands alone in quality and I feel so honored to have such a fine piece of art… Thank you so much for this beautiful creation.  Desi A. N.C.
“I just received Sayer Dark Nights, and I LOVE her!” C.M.
“Doug is such a brilliant designer and the quality of his work is unsurpassed” R.S. Abingdon, VA
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