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CED & S Series Doll Carrying Case
$69.00 plus shipping*
Our custom CED and S Series doll cases have been so popular we've decided to offer a limited number of them for collectors to buy separately. The case is made of high quality and sturdy deep red leatherette with a saffron colored lining. It has 4 pockets inside for storing all the little things that never have a place to go and clasps at each corner that allows the case to be opened flat for storage. The adjustable handle at the top is heavy duty and make to carry heavy resin dolls and their belongings. The case is big enough to hold up to a 20 inch doll but accommodate any smaller doll as well leaving room at the bottom for accessory boxes and clothes. There are many soft "gym bag" type of doll carriers on the market but almost nothing like this case.
*Please note: due to the size of this case, a $19.00 shipping cost will be added. Any questions contact Doug James
Sayer, Seine, Shelby, Sinclair & Simone Sebastian, Silas, Soren & Solomon
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