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New from Doug James, owner of JDJ International, is the “S” Series, a new line of resin ball jointed fashion dolls. He is excited about introducing you to Seine, (pronounced “sane”, like the river in France), Sayer and his first male doll, Sebastian. With more to come, the “S” Series BJDs are very special fashion dolls with no doll surpassing them in quality or uniqueness. From their expertly tuned joint work to their beautiful sculpt, the “S” Series is among the finest the fashion doll world has to offer. They are all a reflection of Doug’s persistent attention to detail and sometimes irritating pursuit of perfection.  The female dolls are 19 inches tall, Sebastian is 20” tall and made of extremely high quality resin, very strong and break resistant. The dolls are all ball jointed and strung. They are jointed at the neck and shoulders with a double joint at the elbows and double joint at the wrists. They are also jointed just below the bust and at the hips with a final double joint at the knees. The double joints allow them to have a higher range of pose ability. Each female doll is wigged and comes to you with the wig lightly attached with 2 small pieces of toupee tape. The female doll heads measure 5 and 3/4 inches so they can wear a size 5-6 wig. With small differences the “S” Series ball jointed strung resin fashion female dolls are the same size as CED dolls so they can wear most of their clothes. (Their shoulders and rib cage are a bit smaller than the CED dolls.) Each doll comes to you with their custom leatherette carrying case lined in blue satin and their custom Plexiglas stand. The “S” Series resin Fashion dolls are the very best combination of beauty, design and pose-ability available today.   Collectors are often asking us to compare our “S” Series fully jointed fashion dolls to other jointed resin dolls, particularly the Asian dolls available now. Of course that’s something that every company hates to do. With dolls like the Sybarites and Diva Dolls it’s easy to point out that the most noticeable difference is their slightly smaller size. (There are also many companies that have dolls as big or bigger than our “S” Series dolls, like Volks, Ring Doll, Spirit Doll and Doll More.) But, if forced to comment I think we would say that the main difference, we believe, could be that our “S” Series dolls have the realistic proportion and the more natural look like the Sybarites and Diva dolls, but again, in that larger size. Many other companies produce dolls with the larger childlike faces and very youthful slender bodies that have for years been typical of resin dolls. In our “S” Series, Sebastian may be thought to stand out in the area of adult resin male dolls. While the typical resin male doll from companies like Iplehouse, Elfdoll, Ring Doll and even the Volks dolls produce beautiful, very youthful faced male dolls with slender bodies and a gentle feminine look, our Sebastian doll appears older, masculine with broad muscled shoulders and arms, and with a more masculine face. Collectors who may be interested in this sort of look will have a hard time finding it in any other male doll. The Bishonen House male dolls, while incredibly beautiful with more masculine qualities, and an even larger size than Sebastian, have the long lean and willowy quality so in line with other resin doll makers.   There you have it!  The best we can do comparing all the beautiful resin dolls that are available.  I personally don't like to make any final judgements on a doll until I've held it in my hands, but we all know what a dangerous thing that is. Once I've picked up a beautiful doll I often don't put it back down!
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Sayer, Seine, Shelby, Sinclair & Simone Sebastian, Silas, Soren & Solomon
“S” Series Fashion Dolls by JDJ International, Inc.