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19” tall, ball jointed and strung, high quality resin fashion dolls (BJDs).
The JDJ International Story including the “S” Series
Sayer, Seine, Shelby, Sinclair & Simone Sebastian, Silas & Soren
“S” Series Fashion Dolls by JDJ International, Inc.
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“Doug is such a brilliant designer and the quality of his work is unsurpassed” R.S. Abingdon, VA
“She is a miniature work of art, and a demanding fashion diva.”
Sebastian in “Tuxed Out” Outfit also sold separately
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“Just got her. She’s more beautiful in person. Love her outfit. I LOVE her. An absolutely stunning doll.” EW Miller     "I am TOTALLY smitten!  As beautiful as she appears in photos, nothing can really do her justice except to see her in person! Her facial sculpt and paint are absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail is as always impeccable, her dress and accessories are beautifully executed. The new carrying case is a fine piece of luggage, sturdy enough to never worry about transporting her anywhere!" Michael, New Jersey “Wow!  Simone is here and she is totally scrumptious with her wonderful cheekbones.  She’s even better in person than in her pictures - I love her.  I also love the new case…and it doesn’t hurt that red is my favorite color.  I like the new closures for the case and the interior pockets for all the small goodies I’m sure Simone will acquire.” Claire G.
Photos of Simone on this page were taken by Claire Gould. More photos by Caire
Special Edition of Soren in Blue Dragon available in very, very limited quantities in Private Collection
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